Azaran Trading L.L.C, a branch of marketing of the sales department of Azaran Industrial Group (AIG), is the exclusive agent with the mission of representing AIG in the Middle East and Africa. AIG is a pioneer company in Iran with a national and regional reputation for good quality in products related to HVACR field.

The company is actually a three-branch manufacturing enterprise since 1984: a well-developed branch for manufacturing brass products like ball valves, fittings etc., another branch involved in manufacturing multi-layer

 Pex-Al-Pex pipes and the third branch highly professional in producing exact and robust machineries mostly engaged in brass production lines like transfer machines.

Azaran Trading L.L.C

To fulfill its mission AIG, with 450 employees and 400,000 Square feet workshops and buildings, benefits from updated technology like CNC machineries, six axis Gildameiter machines, operator free presses like Mecolpress, well equipped labs and lots of other precise machineries. All this is well supported with a highly robust professional engineering knowledge which is developed and preserved through nearly 40 years of industrial production. All these efforts have resulted in gaining approval certificate like EN 331 , EN 13328 ,EN ISO-228, TUV Austria and CE from Europe etc.

What we established through all these years follows one major end meeting our customers’ needs and satisfaction nation-wide and regional.

Now with establishing our branch in UAE we want to extend our services to meet the needs of a wider range of customers in construction field.

 Azaran Trading L.L.C benefiting from professional knowledge in marketing hopes to follow AIG mission in the MIDDLE EAST and Africa

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